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NTAMC Overview

NTAMC (National Transmission Asset Management Centre) has been established for centralized remote control and monitoring of POWERGRID substations which are geographically located all across India. The main control centre i.e. NTAMC is located at Manesar (Gurugram-Haryana) whereas back-up of main control centre i.e. BNTAMC is located at Bengaluru (Karnataka). Further, all Regional Headquarters are having RTAMC (Regional Transmission Asset Management Centre). RTAMC of NR-1 region is co-located with Main NTAMC and similarly, RTAMC of SR-2 region is co-located with Backup NTAMC. 

NTAMC Overview

The control centres are equipped with state-of-the-art software applications including some unique features implemented for the first time in power sector to address growing competitiveness of Indian transmission sector. It is one of the ambitious projects undertook by POWERGRID, despite underlying challenges of upgrading the existing old & conventional system in live environment. It also necessitated up skilling staff from traditional substation operations and maintenance to new technology.

Remote control centres are located at following locations

Sr. No. Control Centre City State / UT
1 Main NTAMC & Northern Region-I Manesar Haryana
2 Back up NTAMC & Southern Region-II Bengaluru Karnataka
3 Northern Region-II Jammu Jammu & Kashmir
4 Eastern Region-I Patna Bihar
5 Eastern Region-II Kolkata West Bengal
6 North East Region Shillong Meghalaya
7 Southern Region-I Hyderabad Telangana
8 Western Region-I Nagpur Maharashtra
9 Western Region-II Vadodara Gujarat
10 Northern Region-III Lucknow Uttar Pradesh
11 Odisha Bhubaneshwar Odisha

As on January ’2024, 276 nos. of EHV Substations of POWERGRID are being controlled & monitored from Control Centres.

NTAMC Overview



  • Monitoring of all system parameters
  • Taking role of RTAMC under emergency conditions
  • Cyber Security Operation Centre.


  • Control & Monitoring of all system parameters
  • Coordination with load despatch centres

Backup NTAMC

  • Disaster recovery
  • Back up for performing all functions of NTAMC


  • Faster restoration in case of tripping through online diagnostics of real time parameters & disturbance record file acquisition.
  • Avoiding consequential damage to the assets by early detection of alarm or defect.
  • Real time visualization of Substation assets.
  • To enhance the asset life by ensuring operation of equipment within rated parameters.
  • Safe & Secured operations with minimum human intervention and interlocking applicability at multiple stages.
  • To benefit from real time invo