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Technical Papers

Recent Technical Papers

  1. International Conferences/Journals
    1. "Development and Implementation of Intelligent Condition Monitoring System for Transformers and Reactors", CIGRE Paris, 24th-31st August, 2020
    2. "C3-209: Experience on Electric and Magnetic field induction under 765/400kV power transmission lines", CIGRE Paris, 24th-31st August, 2020
    3. "Engineering and Management of Communication Networks in POWERGRID's Full Digital Substations", CIGRE Paris, 24th-31st August, 2020
    4. "Online Condition Monitoring of Transformers/Reactors for Improved Asset Management", CIGRE Chengdu 2019 Symposium, 20th-26th September, 2019
    5. "Use of GIS Tools and Space Technologies for Optimal Transmission Line Routing and Asset Mapping", CIGRE Canada Conference 2019, 16th-19th September, 2019
    6. "Operational Experience of IEC 61850 Process Bus Systems Deployed in POWERGRID, India", CIGRE Paris Session 2018
  2. National Conferences/Journals
    1. "Mobile Capacitor Bank – A solution to seasonal loads for utility and large industries for different locations", CAPACIT 2019 Ninth International Conference on Capacitors, 14th -15th February, 2019
    2. "A Novel Approach for Transformer Control, Protection and Monitoring through Application of IEC61850 Standard", TRAFOTECH 2018, 4th-5th October, 2018
    3. "Intelligent approach towards online condition monitoring of transformers reactors", TRAFOTECH 2018, 4th-5th October, 2018
    4. "POWERGRID experience in Electric and Magnetic field measurements under EHV AC power transmission lines", CBIP Conference, 22-23 June, 2017

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