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Major Technology Adoptions

Technologies adopted/implemented by POWERGRID

POWERGRID over the years has adopted latest and cutting-edge technologies for transmission system reliability & availability, optimization of RoW, Capacity upgradation, safety and security. Some of the notable includes EHV/UHVAC systems up to 1200kV, HVDC systems Bi-pole & Multi-Terminal up to 800kV, VSC based HVDC systems for bulk power transmission, High Surge Impedance Loading Lines, HTLS conductor, Multi-circuit and narrow base/mono-pole structures, FSC/TCSC in transmission systems for capacity upgradation & optimization of RoW and SVC, STATCOM, Digital Substations, RIP bushings, Transmission Line Arrestors, Geographic Information tools, Controlled Switching, Advanced monitoring & analysis techniques to enhance the system reliability and availability. Some of these technology adoptions in the recent past are highlighted here.

800kV Resin Impregnated Paper (RIP) Bushings


  • POWERGRID migrated to RIP bushings having superior characteristics over Oil Impregnated Paper (OIP) bushings technology in 400kV systems.
  • POWERGRID is now introducing RIP bushings for 800kV Transformers and Reactors for their increased availability.
  • The chances of fire breaking out on RIP bushings are minimal and catastrophic effects of its failure on nearby equipment in switchyard are very little.

Transmission Line Arrestors


  • Reduction in the risk of insulator flashover during surge events particularly in high lightning activity areas NER & ER.
  • POWERGRID has installed these arrestors as a pilot project in 220kV Birpara – Salakati transmission line in North Eastern Region and monitored the performance.
  • After observing the improvement TLAs have been installed in some more 132 kV and 220 kV lines prone to lightning activity in NER & ER.