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POWERGRID with its brand name ‘POWERTEL’ in Telecom business is the only Telecom Service Provider in the country having pan India overhead Optic fiber network using Optical Ground Wire on power transmission lines and is offering transmission towers for Mobile Communications.

POWERGRID has an all India Telecom Network of  82,294 km.

  • Why Telecom
    • Opportunity available to POWERGRID to explore telecom market through the convergence of power sector with telecom sector by making available secure and high quality telecom infrastructure on its existing and planned transmission infrastructure
    • Explored telecom market liberalization and utilize the spare capacity of optical fibres available to POWERGRID
    • It is an optimization of returns on assets and value creation through new initiative
    • Telecom business
      • has supplemented POWERGRID’s efforts in development of its information technology for core transmission business
      • Enabled POWERGRID to create additional economic value by stimulating the development of Indian Telecom Sector especially in the difficult terrain of North East Region and Jammu & Kashmir
  • POWERGRID's Telecom Licenses and Registrations
    • National Long-Distance (NLD)
    • Internet Service Provider Category-A (ISP-A)
    • Infrastructure Provider-I (IP-I) Registration
  • POWERGRID has leveraged its presence in transmission
    • Electricity network topology formed the Optic fibre backbone network
      • Power transmission lines, crisscrossing the entire length and breadth of the country connecting the major metropolitan cities/towns, provide an excellent infrastructure for stringing optical fibre cable which can be used to set up a high grade long distance telecommunication network of high capacity
  • Venture into Telecom business
    • POWERGRID has been entrusted with the responsibility of implementation of System Coordination and Control (SC&C) projects in various regions for better overall coordination and effective management of interconnected grid networks.
    • For real time monitoring, better management of grid through state of the art Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) & Energy Management System (EMS) technologies, require dedicated wideband communication networks.
  • Technology deployed
    • OPGW - Optical Fibre Ground Wire over high voltage Transmission line
    • MPLS - Multi Protocol Label Switching
    • SD-WAN - Software Defined Wide Area Network
    • DDoS - Distributed Denial of Service
    • DWDM - Dense Wave Division Multiplexing
    • SDH - Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
    • UTM - Unified Threat Management

Business Segments

Telecom Services

  • Lease Lines (Point to Point Lease Line)
    • SDH/DWDM
    • Port Capacity up to 100 Gbps
    • Backbone Network Capacity in multiple Tbps
    • Backbone Network Reliability of >99.5%
    • Multiple self-resilient rings for complete redundancy in backbone as well as intra city access networks
  • MPLS-VPN Services
    • Three tier architecture with Core, Edge and Access layers
    • Dual Home connectivity to avoid Single point of failure in backbone
    • Network is designed to cater to real time applications
    • Layer-2 & Layer-3 VPN technologies to serve all type of connectivity requirements and different Class of Service
    • Network is scalable to 500 Gbps in core
    • Physically Segregated Internet Network for Security of VPN Network & SDWAN
  • Data Services
    • Internet (1:1) symmetric
    • IP transit
    • Wi-Fi
    • Consultancy
    • ICT Services
    • End to End Enterprise Solutions
  • Infrastructure Services
    • Dark Fiber on UGOFC
    • Co-location Services
    • Tower Space for BTS & fiber connectivity with uninterrupted Green Renewable Power
  • Other Upcoming Services
    • Data Centre Services
      • Building 1000 Racks Data Centre in Manesar
      • Edge Data Center
      • Hyper Scale Data Centre
    • Video Conferencing
    • ILD Connectivity through POWERGRID Teleservices Ltd. at Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Bangladesh
    • VOIP
  • On-going Projects
  • Clients & Customers
    • All major Telecommunication Service Providers, Govt. Departments, Defence Establishments, Autonomous Bodies, Public Sector Enterprises, Multinational Corporations, Educational Institutions, Internet Service Providers etc. are customers of POWERGRID


(For any queries related to telecom requirement anywhere in India kindly send a mail to all these mail IDs with subject line BUSINESS)​

Primary Email :  telecom-marketing[at]dl[dot]powergrid[dot]in

Principal Contact : Burra Vamsi Rama Mohan | HOD-Telecom | vamsi[at]powergrid[dot]in


  • POWERGRID is one of the few telecom players with a marked presence in remote areas of North east and J&K and is providing highly reliable services to various customers
  • Maintained backbone availability of ~ 99.99% Awards & recognitions (751 KB) PDF

Telecom Contact

For Telecom Connectivity, Internet and MPLS Services Related Information and Queries

Marketing Contacts

Name Designation Location Email & Contact No.
Burra Vamsi Rama Mohan HOD - Telecom Delhi email : vamsi[at]powergrid[dot]in  T : 011-26564826
Doman Yadav Chief General Manager - Telecom Delhi email : dyadav[at]powergrid[dot]in T : 011-26560040
Sunil Kumar Chief General Manager - Data Centre Delhi email : sunil[at]powergrid[dot]in

Name Designation Location Email & Contact No.
Sudipta Basu General Manager Delhi sudipta[at]powergrid[dot]in
Mayank Shrivastava Deputy General Manager Delhi mayank[dot]shrivastava[at]powergrid[dot]in

Name Designation Location Email & Contact No.
Ankur Bhandari Deputy General Manager Delhi ankur[dot]bhandari[at]powergrid[dot]in
C. B. Tiwari Deputy General Manager Delhi cbtiwari[at]powergrid[dot]in

Name Designation Location Email & Contact No.
Ashish Chandra Gupta General Manager Delhi ashishgupta[at]powergrid[dot]in
Parijat S.M. Triphati Sr. Deputy General Manager Delhi parijat[at]powergrid[dot]in
Rajesh Kumar Deputy General Manager Lucknow kumar[dot]rajesh[at]powergrid[dot]in
Ajay Kumar Chief Manager Jammu akchaudhary[at]powergrid[dot]in
Rajesh Chaudhary Chief Manager Chandigarh rajeshchaudhary[at]powergrid[dot]in
Amit Kumar Vashistha Manager Dehradun akvashistha[at]powergrid[dot]in
Ram Pyara Chandak Manager Jaipur rampyarachandak[at]powergrid[dot]in
Preeti Sharma Manager Shimla preeti[dot]sharma[at]powergrid[dot]in

Name Designation Location Email & Contact No.
P. K. Mondal Sr. General Manager Kolkata pkmondal[at]powergrid[dot]in
Ronel Singh Hoarokcham Deputy General Manager Kolkata ronel[at]powergrid[dot]in
Rudra Kumar Singh Chief Manager Kolkata rudra[at]powergrid[dot]in
Amjad Iqbal Chief Manager Guwahati amjad[dot]iqbal[at]powergrid[dot]in
Joseph Anthony Chief Manager Kolkata joseph[dot]anthony[at]powergrid[dot]in
Rakesh Raushan Chief Manager Patna rakesh[dot]raushan[at]powergrid[dot]in
Sachin Solanki Asst. Manager Bhubaneshwar sachinsolanki[at]powergrid[dot]in

Name Designation Location Email & Contact No.
S. K. Singh General Manager Mumbai Sanjay[dot]singh[at]powergrid[dot]in
T V Sunil Kumar Sr. Deputy General Manager Mumbai sunil_avala[at]powergrid[dot]in
Prashant P Aswar Chief Manager Mumbai ppaswar[at]powergrid[dot]in
Balwant Kumar Singh Chief Manager Bhopal balwant[dot]singh[at]powergrid[dot]in
Rahul Tiwari Deputy General Manager Nagpur rahul[dot]tiwari[at]powergrid[dot]in
Gajender Singh Choudhary Chief Manager Ahmedabad gsc[at]powergrid[dot]in
Devkant Sahu Chief Manager Goa devkant[at]powergrid[dot]in
Vivek Sori Chief Manager Raipur Vivek[dot]Sori[at]powergrid[dot]in

Name Designation Location Email & Contact No.
M.K.Pandey Sr. General Manager (Telecom - SRTCC) Bangalore manoj[at]powergrid[dot]in
V. K. Narwal General Manager Bangalore vikas[at]powergrid[dot]in
Rajiv Bansal Deputy General Manager Bangalore r[underscore]bansal[at]powergrid[dot]in
Pawan Kr. Gupta Chief Manager Trivandrum pawan[dot]gupta[at]powergrid[dot]in
Abhiram Singh Chief Manager Bangalore abhiram[dot]singh[at]powergrid[dot]in
Arshad Hakkim Manager Chennai arshadhakkim[at]powergrid[dot]in
Sureshbabu Geddam Manager Vizag sureshbabu[at]powergrid[dot]in
Rahul R. Manager Kochi rahulr[at]powergrid[dot]in
Y Sandeep Manager Hyderabad andeep[dot]y[at]powergrid[dot]in

Control Centre Contacts

Name Designation Email
N. G. Sarkar  Chief General Manager (Telecom - NTCC) ngsarkar[at]powergrid[dot]in
Rohit Kumar Sr. DGM (Telecom - NTCC) rohit[at]powergrid[dot]in
Harish Gupta Dy. General Manager (Telecom - NTCC) harish[dot]gupta[at]powergrid[dot]in
Ajay Kumar Singh Dy. General Manager (Telecom - MPLS) aksingh[at]powergrid[dot]in

Name Designation Email
Ashish Chandra Gupta General Manager (Telecom - NRTCC) ashishgupta[at]powergrid[dot]in
Krishna Pratap General Manager(Telecom - NRTCC) Krishnapratap[at]powergrid[dot]in

Name Designation Email
P. K. Mondal Sr. General Manager (Telecom - ERTCC) pkmondal[at]powergrid[dot]in
Sanjay Kumar Gupta General Manager(Telecom - Kolkata) sanjaygupta[at]powergrid[dot]in
Sh .Sachin   Gupta General Manager(Telecom - Kolkata) Sachin[at]powergrid[dot]in
Biplab Das Sr. Deputy General Manager (Telecom - Guwahati) biplabdas[at]powergrid[dot]in

Name Designation Email
Sanjay Kumar Singh General Manager (Telecom - Mumbai) sanjay[dot]singh[at]powergrid[dot]in
Abhinay Chouksey Sr. DGM (Telecom - Mumbai) abhinay[at]powergrid[dot]in

Name Designation Email
M.K.Pandey Sr. General Manager (Telecom - SRTCC) manoj[at]powergrid[dot]in
S. B. Tripathi Sr. DGM (Telecom - Banglore) sbt[at]powergrid[dot]in
S. Hari General Manager (Telecom - Chennai) shari[at]powergrid[dot]in