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Flagship Projects

1200kV Ultra High Voltage AC (UHVAC)1200kV Ultra High Voltage AC (UHVAC)


  • Indigenous development of 1200kV technology in collaboration with Indian equipment manufacturers at National Test Station Bina.
  • Established under public private partnership model in collaboration with 35 Indian equipment manufacturers and Central Power Research Institute.
  • Brought India to the elite League of Nations having Ultra High Voltage AC technology.
  • Assisted in development of manufacturing capabilities up to 1200kV indigenously and presently catering the needs of 800kV equipment indigenously.
  • Meet long term power transfer requirements in the country.
  • Caters to the challenges like right of way (ROW) availability, environmental conservation, reduction of transmission losses.
  • Power flow commenced in 2016.

Digital Substation


  • POWERGRID has been a Global leader in implementation of projects on Process Bus based Full Digital Substation Technology.
  • Paradigm shift in the way the control & protection system are tested and maintained In Full digital substations.
  • Improvement of overall availability of system by online Testing of control & protection schemes from a centralized access point.
  • Helps in advanced diagnostics, superior visualization of information flow, reduced commissioning time and reduced environmental footprint.
  • Successfully validated the performance of Full Digital substation Technology through pilot projects at Bhiwadi and Neemrana.
  • Implementation of two commercial Full Digital substation projects underway- Greenfield Implementation at Chandigarh & Retrofit project for Malerkotla.

Transformer/Reactor Online Condition Monitoring System (TOCMS)


  • A web-based, low cost asset analytics solution developed in-house by POWERGRID.
  • Real-time monitoring POWERGRID’s nationwide fleet of Transformers (around 550 nos.) and Reactors (around 950 nos.)-Mostly 400kV and 765kV class equipment.
  • Combines the data acquisition through SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) from DGA sensors.
  • Analyses the data and displays diagnostic information of Transformer/Reactor condition using various international standards viz. IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) C57.104, IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) 60599 and POWERGRID’s own interpretation technique.
  • Equipped with visual as well as audio alarm in case of any abnormal conditions, along with interpretation.
  • Copyright for TOCMS has been granted by Copyright Office, Govt. of India in Nov 2020.

POWERGRID Asset Life Management System (PALMS)

  • An in-house asset analytics solution.
  • Automatic fetching and evaluation of the transformer test data from centralized database.
  • Segregation of the transformers on the basis of their health index values and based on the extent of deterioration using POWERGRID’s own interpretation technique.
  • Enough information about the health of the transformer to the user to take an appropriate decision for repair, refurbish or replace at the time of evaluation.
  • Reduction in the costly downtime of critical transformers and safeguarding operator/worker lives.
  • Assist in judicial utilization/allocation of resources (both financial and work force) for maintenance of the transformers and replacement planning.
  • PALMS is currently monitoring a fleet of over 3000 oil filled high voltage equipment like transformers and reactors pan India.
  • Copyright for PALMS has been granted by Copyright Office, Govt. of India in Nov 2020.
  • Patent application for PALMS has been filed at Indian Patent Office in Jan 2021.

Mobile Capacitor Bank


  • Low voltage in various areas for few months in a year during paddy season is a common phenomenon in agriculture intense area due to the pumping activity.
  • Occurrence of such seasonal load varies from location to location during this period.
  • In order to compensate the reactive power requirement, capacitor banks are required to be installed at 33kV bus bar of an existing substation.
  • However, keeping a fixed capacitor may not solve the purpose as the requirement is not there throughout the year.
  • A mobile capacitor bank which can be moved from one substation to another whenever required is the needed solution.
  • A pilot project with two number of 33kV Mobile Capacitor Bank of 10 MVAR capacity each having the steps of 5MVAR have been commissioned in one of 33kV Substation in Haryana.
  • Mobile capacitor bank has a capacitor bank along with switchgear mounted on a trailer. This will utilize the capacitor bank investment optimally as it will deliver the reactive power wherever required.
  • Field trial and evaluation of its effect on distribution system have been successfully completed.

Pollution Mapping


  • Pollution determination and mapping on the geographical map enables in choosing appropriate type of the insulator in a particular area to minimize the probability of occurrence of pollution flashover in lines.
  • POWERGRID had taken up the activity initially in Northern region and subsequently in Southern Region and Eastern Region along with CPRI and respective State Transmission Utilities (STUs).
  • The measurements were completed and pollution map was prepared and shared with STUs and Regional Power Committees for usage during planning state and operation phase by all stake holders.
  • Report available at NRPC, ERPC and SRPC website.

In-house Tower Designs


  • High capacity multi circuit towers, monopole structures, narrow base towers, etc. for different wind zones, have been designed in-house and prototype tested and used in POWERGRID’s own transmission network.
  • POWERGRID owns more than 250 designs as on date including special towers.
  • In-house design of tower has optimized the tower material requirement and reduced right-of-way thus minimizing environmental impact.
  • The ease of construction and maintenance are other accrued benefits from these new designs.