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POWERGRID with its brand name ‘POWERTEL’ in Telecom business is the only Telecom Service Provider in the Country having PAN India overhead Optic fiber network using Optical Ground Wire on power transmission lines.

POWERGRID has an all India Broad Band Telecom Network of  72,126 Kms.

POWERGRID entry into telecom business:

  •  National Long-Distance Operator (NLDO)
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Infrastructure Provider:
    • Tower space with reliable Power Supply/Dark Fiber/Co-Location 

Why Telecom:

  • Opportunity available to POWERGRID to explore telecom market through the convergence of power sector with telecom sector by making available low cost and high quality telecom infrastructure on its existing and planned transmission infrastructure
  • Explored telecom market liberalization and utilize the spare capacity of optical fibres available to POWERGRID
  • It is an optimization of returns on assets and value creation through new initiative
  • Telecom business
    • has supplemented POWERGRID’s efforts in development of its information technology for core transmission business
    • Enabled POWERGRID to create additional economic value by stimulating the development of Indian Telecom Sector especially in the difficult terrain of North East Region and Jammu & Kashmir

POWERGRID has leveraged its presence in transmission:

  • Electricity network topology formed the Optic fibre backbone network
    • Power transmission lines, crisscrossing the entire length and breadth of the country connecting the major metropolitan cities/towns, provide an excellent infrastructure for stringing optical fibre cable which can be used to set up a high grade long distance telecommunication network of high capacity

Venture into Telecom business:

  • POWERGRID has been entrusted with the responsibility of implementation of System Coordination and Control (SC&C) projects in various regions for better overall coordination and effective management of interconnected grid networks.
  • For real time monitoring, better management of grid through state of the art Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) & Energy Management System (EMS) technologies, require dedicated wideband communication networks.

Technology deployed:

  • Underground optic fibre has been provided to create PoP where s/s or overhead line is not available
  • OPGW – Optical Fibre Ground Wire over high voltage Transmission line
  • MPLS – Multi Protocol Label Switching
  • SD-WAN – Software Defined Wide Area Network
  • DDoS- Distributed Denial of Service

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