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POWERGRID’s expertise for development of smart grid

POWERGRID, the Central Transmission Utility, is responsible for planning, development and operation of inter State transmission infrastructure and National Grid. In the process, it has already established vast transmission system interconnecting all States network. Presently, it operates and maintains more than 95,000 circuit km transmission line and 155 substations mainly at 400kV and 765kV level and plan to add about 50,000 circuit km lines in next 4-5 years. All the State-of-the-Art Load Despatch Centres in the country having SCADA / EMS have been established by POWERGRID. We have also expertise in complete project management of large size transmission and distribution infrastructure projects, development and operation of real time SCADA/EMS/DMS and telecommunication systems. POWERGRID also provided assistance to various State utilities in implementation of APDRP/RGGVY schemes under distribution system improvement and rural electrification programme. POWERGRID has assisted various distribution utilities in formulation of Smart Grid pilot project for implementation under ISGTF as well as preparation of report for improvement of power supply in various utilities through smart grid application.

Recognizing the need and importance of smart grid and to give shape for futuristic distribution system, POWERGRID has undertaken development of consumer-utility interactive pilot smart grid/city in Puducherry through open collaboration with various organizations. Sixty one (61) organisations signed CEOs declaration to participate in the open collaboration. The pilot project inter-alia covers various attributes of smart grid with enabling provision for other citizen services city infrastructures in a holistic manner. The pilot project shall enable demonstration of technology efficiency, policy advocacy, establishment of interoperability standards etc. which can be scalable and replicable at other places.