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Operation & Maintenance

O&M of Transmission System:

Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd., a transmission licensee takes continuous action regarding operation and maintenance to seek to ensure compliance with prescribed standards as well as to achieve high availability of the system for uninterrupted power supply to customers.POWERGRID O&M activities are ISO certified and systems and procedures are revised periodically to abreast with the technology.

Requirements and processes by POWERGRID:

  • Condition assessment and monitoring techniques are used to help optimise maintenance intervals and reduce system outages
  • POWERGRID has developed flexible working practices to take advantage of the system conditions for day-to-day maintenance work and also modify their annual maintenance programme according to generation maintenance schedules
  • Techniques such as live-line working are also used to enable certain types of maintenance to be carried out without taking transmission lines out of service
  • Emergency restoration systems ("ERSs") are used for early restoration in case of natural disasters and other exigencies

POWERGRID has achieved an availability of more than 99.7% per year. POWERGRID adoptsHot line maintenance of transmission lines and Substation equipment to ensure this high availability.

Emergency Restoration Systems are deployed to restore collapsed towers due to natural calamity in shortest possible time. The transmission line maintenance is carried out through advance technology like use of helicopters and drones for transmission line patrolling, hotline washing of insulators, use of Mobile platform based maintenance management tool. Spares quanitity and locations are optimised for early restoration and minimise outage. Extensive on-line health assessment and monitoring equipments are fixed at important equipment for continuous health monitoring. Well equipped, accredited Oil Testing Laboratories have been established at seven locations across the country for Condition Assessment of oil filled equipment.

Asset Health indexing software has been developed through in-house initiative for condition assesment of transformers and reactors.POWERGRID is in the process of acquiring technology for the use of robotics for transmission line inspection and maintenance.